Where in the world is Magitator

After about two or three tries you can literally sing that title in place of the Carmen Sandiego. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Do it like this: “Ma-Gi-Tator”, instead of “Carman-San-diego”. Get it?

Ok, due to the underwhelming demand of all of you wanting to know what’s been going on, (no, Magitator has not been held without bail by the Proxy Police) I thought I would get back to pushing myself to post something here again. It also helps when I realize that WordPress recently auto-deducted the annual fee for the site causing me to go “oh, yeah…I should do something with that….”

In short, I haven’t gone anywhere, I have just been lazy, busy with work, with kids, and distracted with other hobbies to sit down and write anything worth posting. Netflix is a dangerous drug. But, I keep tabs on Old School stuff, some Vintage stuff, and alot of Replica MTG (proxy) stuff.

So, a few thoughts over the past year-ish:

  • WOTC as a corporate body still sucks, and they appear to have implemented a nefariously high amount of Emotional Intelligence within their PR/Marketing/social Media staff
  • The new CEO of Hasbro, initially thought to have been a huge MTG fan from “back in the day”, doesn’t appear to have any impact on RL policy (hey, let me have my wishful thinking) or in giving anything back to fans of vintage magic formats
  • Social Justice Warriors have infected the WOTC staff and the online MTG community like small pox blankets at a pow-wow
  • The DCI can’t figure out the difference between an employee and a volunteer.
  • WOTC doesn’t understand (or maybe care?) that LGSs are nearly all privately owned mom-and-pop shops and not a $0-cost-captial retail extension of their corporate structure
  • I seriously wonder if there is a “hushed”, collaboration between VintageMagic.com and Alpha Investments to quietly, subtlety, drive up pricing on vintage and Old School staples and even non-staples. Call me a conspiracy nut job, I get it. But Rudy and Daniel becoming chummy with each other recently….something’s up. They have businesses that are predicated on cards increasing in value, so I am extremely suspicious of them becoming the de-facto “experts” on what you can trust regarding values of vintage stuff. Don’t forget there is at least one documented instance of manipulation and deception with this guy: VintageMagic.
  • Good news: r/bootlegmtg is steadily growing with a community of people who 1) fight fraudulent sales of replica mtg cards as though they were real, 2) provide a “sanctuary city” for those of us using replicas to communicate without hassle and discrimination, and 3) educate players so they don’t fall victim to international fraud when purchasing from Chinese mass manufacturing vendors. If you agree with me that players should abandon the DCI rules, and use their own proxies or replica cards in organized play, you may fit in on their sub. It still has some growing to do, but the mods are proactive and quick to defend subscribers from predatory vendors.

So, its short, but that’s it for now. I have a couple of ideas for real, meaningful content to post next, but until then, here is some pics of the replicas I have been using lately. Not bragging, I am just telling you up front that I am not the only one, and we are growing:

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