Get your Own Damn Shirt

And the battle’s just begun
There’s many lost, but tell me who has won
The trench is dug within our hearts
And mothers, children, brothers, sisters
Torn apart

“Sunday, Bloody Sunday” – U2

No, I don’t think that to get the general public to change their mind on replica MtG cards (proxies) you will need to shed blood in the streets. But I do think we need to speak up. Far too long we, the rational, conscientious rebels, have sat quietly by as loud brats have dominated the conversation. It has long been the time for us to speak up and share our minds on the subject.

How should we speak up? How should we communicate to others that we “don’t ask/don’t tell” on replicas without getting singled out and lambasted as a “cheater” by the mass of ignorants around us? It helps if you are 250lbs of sculpted muscle, trained in cagefighting, with an alpha male presence. But most of us are 285lbs of tightly restrained adipose tissue, so that won’t work.

But there are two ideas I have had in mind. A custom playmat or simply a custom T-Shirt.

I love custom/cool playmats, and I love funny t-shirts. And I could use either as a form of speech, and as long as they aren’t inherently offensive to someone based on race, sexual orientation, or shocking the conscious of the general public, etc. I don’t think anyone has any grounds to “do anything” in a sanctioned play setting.

So first, let me introduce you to a quick graphic to symbolize the replica community. Whenever you see this, you know its got to be full of rich proxy goodness:

I knew you’d love it. And so, if you sit down to play against someone, and his t-shirt, or playmat has that logo on it, you know he agrees with the Magitator on replica MtG cards. This logo says “I don’t mind if other players use replica cards”.

It does not mean that his deck actually contains replica cards! That, you would have to de-sleeve and loupe-test each and every one of his cards to find out…..simply based off of what is on his t-shirt. And our replica defense league lawyers here at would be very interested in that match.

So, ideas I had for playmats or t-shirts are the following. Keep in mind, these are just a way to kind of subtlety let others who use replica cards know that if they are using replicas you are cool with it:

Front: Small Magitator Logo


  • Blaine, go take a shower
  • Proxy T-Shirt
  • FtRL
  • F* the Proxy Police
  • BL+VZ+PH > RL
  • I may or may not be using proxies
  • <- Both of these guys are using proxies ->
  • Black Cores Matter
  • Age ‘em and play ‘em
  • win/loss record > loupe test
  • Proxies: don’t ask/don’t tell
  • The needs of the game outweigh the needs of your collection
  • Make Magic Great Again
  • Warning: I accuse opponents of using proxies to get match wins

Now, I am pretty sure I will get a logo mat to play with. And I am certain I will get a few shirts made up. But I am not going to shamelessly merchandize this website and get many more made up to sell to all of you for a small .27 mark up.

Why? Because that wouldn’t be in the spirit of But you making your own damn shirt or playmat IS in the spirit. Don’t buy one from me – get your own. Consider my stuff as being placed on its own magitator reserve list, so you have to go out and find someone to make a quality copy of it yourself.

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