This is Magitator.com – where the Reserved List comes to die.  Its a blog where I may or may not post stuff about Magic the Gathering.  I also may or may not post stuff regularly.  Who knows.

Rest assured, whatever I post will likely tick you off, unless you have the maturity to understand that the needs of the game outweigh the needs of your collection.

What follows are tales, rants, exaggerations, anecdotes, lies, muses, and ponderings about me and my magic interests.  Read if you will. You will either get it or you won’t. I don’t really care, because you know that guy in the gas station at 10:30pm, in the corner talking to himself, and while staring at the drink cooler you pause long enough to eavesdrop on his conversation?  Same thing — he doesn’t care. Don’t be upset if the odd guy you are listening to mumbles something that makes absolutely no sense or happens to hurt your sensibilities.

Yeah, you’re not gonna enjoy this….